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Women Who Inspire: Kristyn Getty

Kristyn Getty is the singing half of the hymn writing team the Gettys. Keith & Kristyn Getty, a married couple hailed from Ireland, pen songs that are being sung in churches all around the world. Along with their Celtic band, Keith & Kristyn tour the world together, teaching others their arrangements of hymns that are based heavily on scripture. As the lead singer of the band, Kristyn inspires me to sing declaratively of who God is and invite others to do the same.

Amongst their most well-known songs are In Christ Alone, The Power of the Cross, and Oh Church, Arise, but their catalogue of music is seemingly endless, providing worshipful, modern, singable hymns to churches. Kristyn has given a voice to these hymns, and what I most admire about her is that she utilizes her gifts to teach and lead others into worship. She equips audiences to learn and join in singing. While she sings very well, there’s no element of the songs that lead the listener to say “wow, she is such an amazing singer,” but rather there is a sincerity in her words that is more likely to lead the listener to say “wow, what an awesome God and Savior.”

As a follower of Jesus, every ounce of my being should reflect His wondrous work in my life, and I believe God has allowed me to make music to point others to Him. Kristyn inspires me because she’s talented, professional, and consistent, but her abilities are never the focus. Rather, the focus is all about teaching the songs to others so that they can enter into meaningful worship. She serves as a true leader in that regard. Guiding others into a place of worship is spiritually fulfilling because ultimately, it allows God to receive all glory and praise, which is exactly the way it’s supposed to be.

There are so many Gettys songs I just love, but Holy Spirit, Living Breath of God is one I listen to over and over again. These beautiful lyrics are always the prayer of my heart.

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